Arresting drivers at SFO is oppressive 

"Car-sharing company under fire from governments here and on Peninsula," The City, Tuesday

Arresting drivers at SFO is oppressive

Thanks for writing about this issue.Dennis Herrera and airport officials are acting like bullies toward FlightCar and drivers working with companies like Lyft and Uber who have been arrested for dropping passengers off at the airport.

The airport belongs to the people of San Francisco, and it should not be run by government as a restrictive monopoly. I think the people want to be able to rent their cars out while they park there or be dropped off by a ride share service, without having the providers of those services facing arrest or extortion at the behest of established interests.


Libertarian Party of San Francisco

San Francisco

"BT and its unions can't even agree on math" The City, Thursday

BART salaries out of line

The two sides are really not far apart. What's most out of line is the union's salary increase proposal of 5 percent, plus cost of living each year. This seems completely arbitrary and not grounded in reality. The salary for each job should be indexed to inflation. If someone does not move to a new job, their only increase should be cost of living. Why is that so hard to understand?

Perhaps the extra 5 percent is intended to make up for lost ground due to past concessions, but the union has not made that point clear. If that is the point, then I would simply refer the union to the fact that BART workers are the highest paid transit workers in the state, even after the concessions. Let's tie the raises to the CPI from here on and be done with it.

Something else that would be worth considering would be to give an additional 2 percent per year for three years to make up for past concessions, in exchange for BART having the right to fill voluntarily vacated jobs with non-union workers to the extent of 10 percent of the workforce. Employees starting in such non-union jobs would be given first priority on a seniority basis for union jobs, and to be fair, each such employee should be allowed onto the union contract after a maximum of three years.

Let's just be reasonable and get it done.

Pat Fleck,

Walnut Creek

BART talks are a stalemate

BART and the unions cannot agree — even over math. In chess, this would be an impasse, where the game was not winnable by either side.

With the loss of so many jobs these past years, and companies unable to raise the cost of services due to the public's lack of affordability of the product or service, at the very least, the prior BART contract should be either continued, or nothing additional be placed on the table.

Frank Norton,

San Francisco

"Around the State," The City, Friday

Wildfires are mismanaged

Democrat Senate Environmental and Public Works Chairwoman, California Sen. Barbara Boxer, wasted no time exploiting the out-of-control 10,000 acre "Silver Fire" news conference — by taking over the moment, pandering to firefighters — to furthering her environmental zealot and global warming-climate change agenda.

Unfortunately, the Silver Fire had nothing to do with climate change. Rather, it has a lot to do with conservationist malfeasance of the Forest Service's mismanagement of forest lands allowing forest and brush fires to rage on uncontrolled, instead of immediately employing the first strike capabilities of super water tankers and super scoopers to extinguish potentially explosive fires.

Daniel B. Jeffs,

Apple Valley

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