Arnold and Maria’s break inevitable, insiders say 

Tuesday’s announcement that Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger are separating after 25 years of marriage came as a total shock — but not to insiders, who said the union had been fraying for a long time. Sources told TMZ that Maria has been “miserable” for years; reportedly, she finds her estranged husband “impossible” to live with and increasingly “unstable” since he left office and decided to reboot his film career. The TV reporter is said to be a “shell” of herself and “terrified” of Arnold — emotionally, mind you, not in terms of physical safety.

But allegedly, due to her religious beliefs, she’s been ambivalent about divorce.

“She’s been a lost soul for a long time,” one source said.

Allegedly, Maria was planning to split with the then-governator in 2009, but held off when her mother passed away — and then the same thing happened in January of this year, when her father died.

Sources said though they spent little time together in recent years, the couple is now spending quality time together, even celebrating on occasions such as Mother’s Day and their 25th anniversary. The action star is now said to be “working extremely hard” to get back in his wife’s good graces.

“He could not be sweeter now that she’s left him,” one source said.

So in other words, when he packed up his things, he said, “I’ll be back”? (Sorry — we feel bad for Ahnuld, really we do. Don’t hurt us!)


Fergie Snubbed

If anyone can get celebs to open up, it’s Oprah Winfrey. So it’s no surprise that the doyenne of daytime TV coaxed out the admission that Sarah Ferguson wasn’t invited to the recent royal wedding — and she wasn’t exactly OK with it.

“I was not invited,” Fergie said of Prince William’s April 29 nuptials with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, nee Kate Middleton.

The disgraced Duchess of York, who was caught on film last year offering access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew in exchange for cash, told Oprah it was “so difficult” to be snubbed, “because I wanted to be there with my girls” — daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie — “to be getting them dressed and to go as a family.”

“Also, it was so hard,” she said, “because the last bride up that [Westminster Abbey] aisle was me.” Still, with her rep tarnished by scandal, Fergie didn’t blame the royals for ostracizing her: “I went through the phase of feeling so totally worthless and that [it] was quite right they didn’t invite me. Why would they?”

Well, maybe if she had indeed been there to help Beatrice and Eugenie get dressed, she could have talked them out of wearing those insane hats.


Wise Counseling

Estranged spouses Courteney Cox and David Arquette say they still love each other, and they are still attending counseling together. They met at an L.A. therapist’s office May 5, Life & Style magazine reported.

“They were very civil with each other,” an observer said.

“They’re in therapy,” an insider said. “She and David still do a lot together, so it’s not surprising that they would go to therapy together. They’re co-parenting [daughter] Coco, no matter what the status of their relationship is.”

Well, even if they’re not sure about its status, their relationship seems much healthier than that of many couples who live under the same roof.

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