Are they Kidding? Obama campaign calls on supporters to "pressure swing Republicans" on health care?! 

Hot from my inbox is this email from Organizing for America, the powerful activist organization with some 13 million email addresses that grew out of the Obama campaign. It seems they're calling on supporters to "pressure swing Republicans":

In 2008, voters in Delaware voted to send President Obama to Washington to fight for change -- including for desperately needed health insurance reform. They expected Republican Representative Mike Castle to reach across the aisle to be a partner for change.

Unfortunately, last fall Rep. Castle opposed reform and voted to let insurance companies continue jacking up premiums and denying care to sick people. But it's not too late for him to change his mind and put average Americans and the middle class ahead of corporate and special interests.

The next make-or-break vote on reform is just a few days away, it's expected to be extremely close, and Rep. Castle could be critical. So for Day 7 of the Final March for Reform, our plan is to reach out to voters in his district and ask them to call their representative to speak out for reform.

Using our easy online tool, we'll give you a list of friendly voters and tips on what to say. If we can help even a few of these folks call Rep. Castle's office it could make a huge difference -- so please take a few minutes and get started now.

Are you kidding me? Castle has an 18 point lead (and that's the Daily Kos poll -- Rasmussen has him up 21) running for a Senate seat that two years ago was held by the Democratic vice-president. Hell will be a skating rink for disadvantaged youth before he votes for Obamacare. Does OFA just think nothing of wasting their supporters time with fool's errands like this? Or do the hard core Obama supporters just have battered wife syndrome at this point and need to do something, anything to feel like they're helping The One?

Finally, when a candidate with an 18 point lead running for Senate seat that was held by the Democratic vice-president just two years ago is considered a "swing Republican," you know it's going be a brutal November.

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