Are Democratic lobbyists invisible to the media? 

Did you know Harry Reid’s former banking staffer is a lobbyist for Goldman Sachs? Did you know former Democratic Senator John Breaux is also a Goldman Sachs lobbyist and a Citigroup lobbyist?

Not if you rely on the New York Times, which glaringly omitted these facts.

A New York Times’ story last week had this line:

By one count the five banks together have mustered more than 130 registered lobbyists, including 40 former Senate staff members and one retired senator, Trent Lott.

The odd thing about that claim is that if you look at the filings that document Lott is a lobbyist for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, the name above Trent Lott’s is John Breaux, and next to Breaux’s name, it says “US Senator (18 yrs), US Representative (2 yrs).” But the Times writers didn’t even need to check the filings to suspect at least one more retired Senator was on these accounts — the firm for which Lott works is called the Breaux-Lott Leadership Group.

[update: Originally I had attributed this article to NYT's Andrew Ross Sorkin, because I found it on his blog DealBook. But the article was actually written by Binyamin Appelbaum and Erci Lichtblau.]

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