Anti-Prop. B propaganda 

"Summer of Love now season for stubborn," The City, Sunday

Anti-Prop. B propaganda

Joel Engardio's most recent column should have been identified as a political ad against Proposition B, and it is disgusting that he tries to disparage people who oppose the construction of high-rises as unkempt fossils who just resist current trends and the destruction of this city by the filthy rich for no reason.

The San Francisco Examiner should have identified the article for what it really is: election propaganda.

Carleton Hoffman

San Francisco

Protect our waterfront

It's funny to read or hear from those who are pimping for developers trying to stop Proposition B. They sound like lawyers trying to defend a guilty client. They want to discuss anything except the issue at hand, which is simply to maintain the master plan for the waterfront, or give voters a say in exceptions. The truth does not seem to be too important to them either. Voters should remember who these folks are, and how they are willing to sell The City to the highest bidder.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

"S.F.'s pleas to cut water use futile," The City, Monday

Ration water intelligently

If San Francisco must institute water rationing, they should do it based on household water use history considering the number of people in the household rather than an unfair, one-size-fits-all strategy that mandates everyone cut usage by the same percentage.

There are people in The City that learned to conserve during the last drought and continued conserving or have always conserved. For the people who conserve, a cut in usage may mean not showering every day or not washing clothes as needed. Additional costs to tenant-occupied properties that do not conserve should be automatically passed on to the tenants, bypassing the usual Rent Board-mandated process.

Howard Epstein

San Francisco

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