Anthony Weiner has convinced me 

I had hoped to keep our little blog Weiner-free. Seriously, if I never hear another phallic pun it will be too soon. And so I was totally prepared to accept the story offered by Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., that when his Twitter account sent a picture of a...well, you a girl in Seattle, it was just a hack or a prank or something like that. I was ready to forget about it and move on.

But with his clever media strategy, of appearing in public as much as possible and refusing to give any straight answers when asked direct questions, Anthony Weiner has convinced me. I am now certain that he is a liar who definitely sent the penis picture he is accused of sending.

I would like to think that this is some kind of clever move on his part -- that he has concocted this entire incident as a way of helping his anticipated campaign for mayor of New York City. But that explanation fails Ockham's Razor. The best explanation is that Weiner is really one of the stupidest people in Congress. Which is saying something.

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