Another flip-flop season for John Kerry 

Senator John Kerry, whose presidential campaign was plagued by accusations that he chronically flip-flopped on the issues, is apparently at it again.

In “Kerry Exposed on Syria,” David Meir-Levi takes the Massachusetts Democrat to task in FrontPageMagazine for denying in the Wall Street Journal that he ever stated “that [Syrian president] Bashar al-Assad was a reformer or eager for political relations with the West.

“But in this assertion, Senator Kerry shows himself to be somewhat less than honest,” Meir-Levi points out.

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets over the last three months to protest what the Los Angeles Times describes as “one of the world's most tightly controlled police states."  But Assad continues to blame foreign conspirators, not four-decades of autocratic rule, for the unrest.

The situation has U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon “deeply concerned.”

Meir-Levi was not about to let Kerry’s latest attempt to distance himself from the strong-arm dictator go unchallenged.

“Kerry was a strong supporter of the Obama decision to re-engage Assad and send an ambassador to Damascus, more than five years after President G. W. Bush severed US relations with Syria due to Assad’s implication in the murder of Rafik Hariri, former Prime Minister of Lebanon,” he writes.

“Kerry was a regular visitor to Damascus, and in an interview he voiced the glowingly optimistic assessment that he has:

‘[…] been a believer for some period of time that we could make progress in that relationship […] President Assad has been very generous with me in terms of the discussions we have had […] So my judgment is that Syria will move; Syria will change, as it embraces a legitimate relationship with the United States and the West and economic opportunity that comes with it and the participation that comes with it.’

“This sounds very much like Kerry did indeed feel that young Bashar was willing to reform, and eager for relations with the West.  Perhaps Senator Kerry has a short memory, or hopes that we do.”

Probably both.

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