Annual Rose Garden pruning on horizon 

Andy Stone, the supervisor of Golden Gate Park’s Rose Garden, will help trim the flowers at the annual pruning at 10 a.m. Saturday — after a dastardly vandal cut about three dozen of them six months too early.

First off, are the vandalized roses OK?
Oh yeah. Those plants, they’ll be just fine by next year. They’re pretty well chopped, but they’ll be back in bloom.

Is this new to you?
People love to pick roses in a public garden that’s open 24 hours. Vandalism is going to happen. This one episode was definitely the most blatant.

How much will you end up pruning?
By the end, there’s not a single flower, hardly a leaf. Then they start growing very early on, and by the summer they’re in full bloom.

How many are there?
There are 64 beds with 12 rose bushes, and then we have a few hundred planted around the edges.

How long does it take? About seven gardeners work together for about a week to get them pruned.

How’s the weather? San Francisco is not ideal weather for roses. They do all right, though.

How long does a rose bush last? These ones stay in the park for about 25 years.

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