Animal-rescue advocate comes to city to promote cause 

Wendy Diamond, the author of “It’s a Dog World,” will be in San Francisco on Tuesday for a “Yappy Hour” event from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Sir Frances Drake Hotel. 

Your new book is “It’s a Dog’s World.” What’s it about? It’s a culmination of the last decade of me promoting animal rescue and animal lifestyle. It’s to help local animal rescues across the country.

How did you get involved with animal rescue? My career started in helping the homeless, but in 1999, I adopted my dog and cat and I couldn’t believe how disgusting the shelters were and what adorable animals were up for adoption.

How has the world of animal rescue changed? Prior to 1999, there wasn’t anything regarding rescue. It was always about dog shows and breeders. In 1999, there were 12 million animals put to sleep. Now it’s down to 5 million across the country.

What’s the biggest misconception about animal rescue? People don’t realize you can adopt a purebred. A dog in a shelter does not mean something is wrong with the dog.

What is the event bringing you to The City? It’s a fundraiser and awareness campaign for San Francisco Animal Care and Control. It is underfunded and since the shelter cannot refuse animals, people need to support it.

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