Andrew Sullivan ends his crusade to reveal Kagan’s sexuality 

Over at his new home at Yahoo’s The Newsroom, Michael Calderone reports that Andrew Sullivan has aggressively pursued the issue of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s sexuality.

Sullivan, Calderone writes, “argues that her sexuality is as relevant as her religion, hobbies, or other aspects of her personal life that have been covered exhaustively over the past 24 hours and that the press not re-asking the question is ‘a function of liberal cowardice and conservative discomfort.’”

I think Calderone correctly compares this to Sullivan’s Trig/Bristol crusade on Sarah Palin but it appears that Sullivan has already raised the white flag after suffering criticism from his peers.

I am not seeking to expose anyone in this way at all, because I know at first hand how brutal it can be. I seek no cruelty at all. I want to know no details or specifics. But I do think a simple answer to a simple question about a core part of someone’s identity should be possible. . . I’ve asked one question I feel is legitimate and utterly without malice and I have received an answer. The answer is that I should not ask. I take it as a final one. I won’t any more.

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