Andrew Flachner on making online dating less awkward 

Flachner and Michael Parikh co-founded, a free San Francisco-based online double-dating site that is dedicated to making dates less awkward while enhancing the social experience. Launching last week, interested users can visit the site and use the invite code “EXAMINER” (limit 150) to get early access.

What’s the motivation for a duo-dating site instead of a traditional one? We aren’t trying to appeal to the same customer that is. ... We just found that there are a few formalities or burdens that make online dating sometimes awkward.

How does the site work? We’re trying to put more emphasis on the duo-date idea. We feature local activities and events that the user can suggest on their profiles. You can suggest going rock climbing at Mission Cliffs or wine tasting in Sonoma. ... Instead of going to an awkward dinner with a total stranger, I can go out with a good friend and two cute girls to a Giants game and have beer and garlic fries.

Have you always had knack for technology? Michael and I have always been interested and immersed in technology ... Michael more so than myself. I have a background in entrepreneurship and this is my first tech start-up.

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