And the loser is....left-wing outrage in D.C. 

For those of you reading our website from outside the District of Columbia, we just had a special election here for an at-large seat on our City Council. As I write this, the two leading candidates are Vince Orange -- a former vice president of our electric company -- and Republican Patrick Mara. The race might be close enough for absentees to determine the result, but one of these two is surely going to win.

Meanwhile, the DC Statehood Green Party is pulling a pathetic 1 percent of the vote.

I hope this puts things in perspective for a few of our local politicos when it comes to understanding the large astroturf movements that have polluted my neighborhood and others in the district with these "Don't Tread on D.C." yard signs in the median of every road. It appears that their outrage over Congress reviving our school choice program (the horror) and prohibiting D.C. abortion funding was a bit over-hyped. Mayor Vincent Gray, in an effort to distract from the corruption that has engulfed his administration, even went and got himself arrested as an act of protest.

If anyone was actually outraged by Congress, it wasn't enough to make them tread over the astroturf to their polling place. More likely, they were outraged by Gray's early hires and our local officials' love of SUVs. Turnout was only 12 percent, and the two leading candidates -- the only two who unequivocally oppose Mayor Gray's proposed tax increase -- have apparently received a combined majority of the vote.

By the way, Gray's tax increase looks a lot like President Obama's, falling only on earners who make more than $200,000 per year. If that's not a winning issue in D.C., it isn't going to win anywhere.

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