America’s Cup needs to benefit all of The City 

As San Francisco prepares to host the America’s Cup, we should consider how best to ensure that every San Francisco neighborhood, not just the northern waterfront, shares in the economic gains. Let’s look for creative ideas that will distribute the wealth throughout The City.

For example, the need to find a suitable location for Teatro ZinZanni if and when the Pier 27 attraction is forced to relocate might just be a unique opportunity to extend tourist dollars southward, specifically to the former Schlage Lock industrial site in Visitacion Valley.

Relocating Teatro ZinZanni to this vast and vacant parcel of land would spur true local economic development in the heart of an often overlooked neighborhood.

The former Schlage Lock site offers abundant parking, excellent freeway access and is immediately adjacent to both the Caltrain Bayshore Station and Muni’s T Line.

Russel Morine, San Francisco

Romney’s Frankenstein

Well-intentioned Mitt Romney admits to creating the Massachusetts Frankenstein health plan. In Britain, they shake their heads that we would willingly create yet another third-rail dependency program, one that will degrade health care while proving impossible to reform. Let’s not test American sanity by doing socialized medicine when there are proven ways of providing medical coverage and insurance without involving the heavy hand of government.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

SF lags behind in sports

In a national sports magazine rating of the best sports cities, San Francisco finished in 53rd place. Sadly, the evidence is there. The World Champion Giants seldom sell out. Our Cal Bears and Stanford Cardinal are divided by the Bay. The Warriors are in Oakland and San Jose stole the Sharks.

H. Ryan, San Francisco

SmartMeter concerns

PG&E SmartMeter signals are causing my after-dark motion detector to be overworked. If SmartMeter signals are strong enough to interfere with a motion detector, the signals may be strong enough to interfere with the electrical systems of humans and animals.

In April, I spent a week in the hospital with a heart-rate over 140 — which never happened before.

It seems as if neither PG&E nor the PUC cares “where” the SmartMeters are installed. Is a bedroom wall (as in my home) more dangerous than a dining room wall? Is there more danger if three SmartMeters are within 7 feet of a bed (as in my home)? I have asked PG&E to remove its SmartMeters from our home, and at my neighbor’s request to remove the two SmartMeters from his home.

John Bauer, Martinez

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