Americans blame Democrats for bad economy 

CNN completely buried the headline in the write-up for their latest poll of 1,000 Americans. “Pessimism overflowing in new poll” reads the headler and the article goes on to report, “While some expect economic conditions to improve, a majority-59 percent-believes the economy will still be in poor shape one year from now. It’s the first time in the 14 years that CNN has asked the question that a majority has been pessimistic about the country’s economic future.”

But buried five paragraphs down is the fact that when asked “Do you think Democrats or the Republicans are more responsible for the country’s current economic problems?” Americans chose Democrats over Republicans by a 38 – 35 percent margin. Among independents the gap was even wider at 37 – 25 percent.

However, when given the option of blaming George Bush, a majority of Americans still choose to blame the former president. 57 percent of Americans think “the policies of George W. Bush and the Republicans” are more responsible for the country’s current economic problems compared to just 29 percent who chose “the policies of Barack Obama and the Democrats.”

It would be interesting to see how those numbers would turn out if Bush’s name was removed from the question, but Obama’s name was kept in.

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