America is SO principled, we fight wars where there is no national interest at all 

New York blogger Joe Weisenthal argues tha this is the most principled war the U.S. has engaged in in a while. Weisenthal thinks it's silly to call it a "war for oil," and he points out that the U.S. gains almost nothing from victory here.

basically we're prosecuting this war not for oil, not for safety, not for alignment of interests, but for the right of a small group not to live under a dictator whom they despise.

It's astoundingly principled that we've gone to war for that reason. Try naming another war in years that offers to little to the victors.

I think Weisenthal has a good point. Susan Rice and Samantha Power seem to have won the day, arguing that this is simply the right thing to do. Of course, there's the counterargument that while President Obama, Ambassador Rice, and Madame Power have every right to fight in order to help the Libyan rebels, they may not, in fact, be justified in enlisting an entire nation in this humanitarian crusade. At the very least, though, we're not being selfish.

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