Amber Crosby’s 7 Squared Project uses mini-documentaries to highlight nonprofits 

Along with Kyle Garrett, Amber Crosby founded the 7 Squared Project, a campaign aiming to raise $49,000 in funds and raise awareness for 14 San Francisco nonprofits and businesses through a mini-documentary series. The funds will help produce the 14 documentaries (one for each organization) and will begin production in September. Donations for to the project can be made through Sunday at

What’s this project all about?

It’s supposed to be a documentary series that highlights seven businesses and seven nonprofits in San Francisco. We’re attempting to fund it through IndieGoGo, and all of the businesses and nonprofits involved are offering prizes in exchange for donations. The whole idea behind that is to get people who want to work with these organizations and engage with them. That’s the core of the project.

Do you plan to do anything different during this last week?

We’re trying as hard as we can to get any media coverage at all ... the third week of the campaign we did that, and we didn’t get a whole lot of responses. I know that it is typical for a lot of campaigns to have a really big significant push in the last week and get at least 50 percent of their funding there.

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