Amazing story of Jesse Chavez latest in A’s wonderful saga 

click to enlarge The A’s are 6-0 in games Jesse Chavez has started this year and he has a dazzling 1.89 ERA. - TONY GUTIERREZ/AP
  • Tony Gutierrez/AP
  • The A’s are 6-0 in games Jesse Chavez has started this year and he has a dazzling 1.89 ERA.

That the A's answered the rival Texas Rangers' sweep of them in Oakland with a sweep this week in Arlington was sweet in itself. Any doubt that might have surfaced as to the Elephants' legitimacy while banged-up Texas rolled through the East Bay was emphatically brushed aside.

That Jesse Chavez was the man who closed out the sweep made it infinitely sweeter.

It's not an entirely unique story. We saw a version of it play out in San Francisco with Ryan Vogelsong in 2011: career journeyman gets an opportunity, runs with it, puts up All-Star numbers and wins a special place in the heart of a passionate, sentimental fan base.

Baseball gives us such stories on a fairly regular basis. Heck, the A's practically hold a patent on this kind of thing. Remember the late Cory Lidle? He was the Jesse Chavez of the Big Three era.

Remember 2012, 2013? Damn near every corner of the Coliseum clubhouse was crowded with Jesse Chavez-Hallmark-Oprah-network-esque tales of perseverance.

But this Chavez thing is starting to take the concept to another level of oh-stop-it-already.

Start with the fact that he weighs less than your average soft-tossing high school sophomore but actually runs it up there with some serious hair. Not a power pitcher, per se, but certainly not someone you can dig in on and think, bring the noise.

The family angle is sick, too. His wife worked as a longshoreman to help make ends meet when Jesse was searching for whatever he's found. A longshoreman, for crying out loud. And she dug the longshoreman deal so much that she does it to this day, with no plans of giving it up even though Daddy's making big-league glue!

Come on. Throw that kind of thing out in a Hollywood pitch meeting and you'd end up a gaffer on "Jersey Shore" at best.

But it's true. As is the fact that Chavez bounced back from a start that made you wonder if the joyride was over, a beating at the hands of the pathetic Houston Astros, by absolutely dominating the heavy-hitting Rangers.

If he hadn't, his wife probably would have.

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