Amanpour to host "This Week" 

A new reason to  get out of bed on Sunday -- other than brunch.

Maybe the biggest question is: Does Christiane Amanpour care much about the tedious domestic issues that consume the Sabbath Gasbags? As the newly minted host of ABC News' "This Week," is the silky internationalista really going to indulge the likes of John Boehner on the topic of socialized medicine?

Beltway totally digs Amanpour -- always has -- but we wonder. She is not a creature of Washington -- she is top-notch foreign correspondent. The Sunday shows are so Washington that they are sometimes painfully unwatchable. Still and all, though, her husband is Jamie Rubin, former State Department spokesman during the Clinton administration, so it's not like she's unfamiliar.

So, we are curious. And hopeful. Disappointed for our pal Jake Tapper who we were shamelessly hoping would land the gig, but glad he will stick around the White House and continue to pile grievance upon Robert Gibbs and Co.

Also of interest: Will Christiane ditch the jaunty safari jackets she is widely noted for and don the horrible power uniform of the Washington female? Hopefully she can preserve some of that flair and not descend into unspeakable jackets and pearls.


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