All-volunteer military has worked against US 

With only 1 percent of our country involved in the sacrifices of our two wars, we don’t have a clue about the soldiers fighting for us.

We have an “all-volunteer military” that is successful in terms of keeping the ranks filled, but a dismal failure in terms of shared sacrifice. When Nobel Prize winner Mort Friedman and then-Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird teamed up to get rid of the draft and change it into the all-volunteer force, I can’t believe that they could possibly have conceived what the eventual impact would be.

The impact has been no real shared sacrifice, and it has also produced our two present wars. A president can send us to war without fear of condemnation or political fallout. And after all these years at war, we have no national outcry, no Vietnam-style marching in the streets.

That’s because Americans have no investment; we’re content to let the  kids who need escape from a hardscrabble life volunteer to fight our wars. We should be ashamed.

Jerry Autry
San Francisco

Wake up, Californians

While other states are doing everything they can to bring jobs to their states, California lawmakers continue to do everything in their power to keep the status quo intact.

Gov. Jerry Brown unionized California public employees 30 years ago, causing the giant nightmare we have today. Most cities are heading toward bankruptcy thanks to giant union pensions and health benefits. And look who we voted back into power?

In a well-functioning democracy, you must have an educated workforce that is paying attention. Does the average Californian pay any attention to what’s going on? Maybe we’re getting what we deserve.

Jim Duncan
San Francisco

Seeking justice for slain

The hearts of all decent San Franciscans go out to the family of Mechthild Schröer following her senseless murder. We urge the district attorney to make locking up her killer a priority.

We also urge the DA not to forget the tragic death of Nils Linke, the German tourist hit and left for dead by a drunk driver. Linke’s killer has allegedly been identified, and it is our hope that he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Mark Jerome
San Francisco

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