Airlines get away with violating civil liberties 

The lawsuit that Shahbaz Ali Taseer and his wife, Maheen Ghani Taseer, filed against American Airlines for racial profiling at San Francisco International Airport demonstrates how apathetic we as Americans have become when our civil liberties are in jeopardy. These liberties are especially violated when we fly, from random security checks to the unreasonable search of full-body scans.

According to the Pakistani couple, they were the only two aboard the New York-bound flight to be taken away for questioning about an alleged hijacking threat. If the warning had not been a hoax, the airplane would have suffered a terrorist attack as agents wasted time questioning only two of the passengers, focusing on a false threat rather than real security holes.

Ironically, Shahbaz Ali Taseer is the son of a Pakistani official who was assassinated by an Islamic extremist.

Meryem Kamil, Santa Clara

Bogus Healthy SF fees

Now we know that San Francisco restaurant owners act like telephone companies when it comes to adding bogus fees to their bills. How can these employers say it will increase business expenses to make certain the dollars collected for health care go to health care — unless The City’s restaurant owners never planned on providing collected excess fees to their employees?

It would be enlightening to know what percentage of the employee health care fees collected at each restaurant actually go to their intended purpose. If a restaurant doesn’t treat its employees correctly, who knows what other failings might be taking place in the kitchen.

J. Haussener, Castro Valley

Humorous op-ed

Noemie Emery’s Thursday op-ed on Rep. Allen West had to be one of the funniest ever published in the San Francisco Examiner.

Her ringing paean to the literate invective of ex-officer West completely ignored the fact that the gentleman is now a politician. His indignation toward Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, a fellow Florida Congresswoman, seems to have been a parochial squabble of little national concern.

The point is that Rep. West can’t order lower-ranked people around anymore, and if he can’t take the political heat, he should get out of the kitchen.

Gordon Robertson, San Francisco

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