Airbnb needs regulation 

"Airbnb regulation details debated," The City, Tuesday

Airbnb needs regulation

One aspect of Airbnb that city officials must address is when users who do not own the units that they are offering. Renters must not be allowed to offer their apartments on Airbnb without explicit written approval from their landlords.

Additionally, any landlord who discovers their tenant offering their unit on Airbnb should be able to evict them immediately.

And I say this as a renter in a rent-controlled apartment.

Mark Jerome

San Francisco

"City to look into speeding up undergrounding," The City, Monday

Undergrounding not worth it

It is outrageous that supervisors London Breed and Katie Tang believe that constituents' needs are best met by undergrounding utility lines at a cost to taxpayers of more than $3.6 billion.

Billions of dollars could be better spent eliminating advertising on transit shelters, removing those distasteful banners for nonprofits that now deface our lamp poles, stopping the visually horrific wrapping of buses and light-rail vehicles, rolling back Muni fares and Fast Pass fees to affordable levels and ending admission fees to citizen-owned attractions.

Harry S. Pariser

San Francisco

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