Afghan Christian beheaded as Islamic terror spreads against converts 

Another Afghan convert to Christianity has been dragged out of his home and beheaded for his faith, this time on video, according to World Magazine editor Mindy Belz. The poor man's name was Adbul Latif.

"In the two-minute video, the men, wearing explosive belts (or suicide vests) and kaffiya head scarves to cover their faces, recite verses from the Quran while forcing Latif to the ground and pinning him with their feet," Belz reports in the latest issue of her magazine.

“'You who are joined with pagans . . . your sentence [is] to be beheaded,' read one of the militants in Farsi from what looked like a paper decree. 'Whoever changes his religion should be executed.' The passages refer to Sura 8:12 ('I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks . . .') and the hadiths, or sayings of Mohammed," she wrote.

"As Latif fought his captors from the ground, one of the militants thrust a medium-sized blade into the side of his neck. With blood flowing onto the ground the militants shouted 'Allahu Akhbar' or 'God is great' over and over until Latif was fully beheaded and his head was placed on top of his chest," Belz wrote.

The prospect of U.S. withdrawal, the beginning of which President Obama is expected to announce tonight, is causing widespread fear among Afghanistan's small community of Christian converts, including those who remain in the country and those who have fled elsewhere.

The government of Afghan president Harmid Kharzi has made it illegal for Afghan citizens to practice any faith other than Islamism, and has tacitly encouraged persecution of converts like Latif who become publicly known.

Belz has followed this issue for several years and provided the most credible and comprehensive reporting on it. Sadly, the issue of persecution of Christians and others in Muslim countries who do not profess the official religion is one the U.S. government and most mainstream media outlets all but ignores, or at best only occasionally pays lip service.

For more from Belz, go here.

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