Adachi pension plan and fiscal integrity 

In Ken Garcia’s Thursday column, he reports Supervisor Sean Elsbernd’s view that the mayor’s pension reform plan (which saves The City much less money than Jeff Adachi’s pension reform plan) is still better — because the Adachi plan may be illegal. Elsbernd defends the mayor’s inferior plan by arguing that the Adachi plan impacts city employees’ vested pension rights by requiring increased contributions without giving the employees “commensurate compensation.”    

In last year’s decision upholding Adachi’s previous reform measure, the court reasoned that the commensurate compensation can be in the form of preserving the financial integrity of the pension system from which employees will eventually draw their retirement. Given that Adachi’s measure increases funding to the pension system while saving The City more money, it helps protect the financial integrity of the system better than the mayor’s plan. Unless the mayor’s plan gets stronger, the Adachi plan is better.

Patrick Doolittle, San Francisco

Kudos to John Chiang

Hooray for state Controller John Chiang for refusing to pay the legislators after June 15 if they don’t pass a genuine balanced budget measure. It’s about time.

Now could he do the same if the legislators don’t pass measures to force competitive bidding, provide incentives to business and unleash the state auditor on all agencies so that jobs and the economy pick up in California?

Janet Campbell, San Francisco

To ‘serve and protect’

The Alameda police officers and firefighters who stood by and did nothing while a man drowned should be ashamed. Aren’t these people public servants? What happened to the idea of “to serve and protect’’? If one of those government employees had saved that man, they would have been called a hero.

If public servants or private citizens have a chance to save a life, they should try to do so.

Chuck Mann, Greensboro, N.C.

Wide breadth of opinion

I was impressed with the breadth of viewpoints on your Thursday editorial page. Your banner editorial “GOP ‘Mediscared’ out of pushing for reform” argued that the GOP didn’t push hard enough to “reform” Medicare. And on the same page you printed a Mike Luckovich editorial cartoon called “Hangover 2” in which the GOP elephant wears a Mike Tyson “Kill Medicare” cheek tattoo and asks, “W-What was I thinking?!”

Either you are becoming really open-minded or somebody wasn’t paying attention.

Michael Zonta, San Francisco

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