Adachi misleads voters on his pension plan 

As a city worker, it was extremely frustrating to read Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s Thursday op-ed, which continues to mislead voters with inaccurate information. There is nothing “citizen-led” about Adachi’s ballot measure. He personally wrote the measure with backing from a few wealthy supporters.

In contrast, the consensus plan was crafted by Mayor Ed Lee, business leader Warren Hellman, the Board of Supervisors and labor groups.

Adachi severely understates the projected savings of this plan, which is estimated to be up to $1 billion over 10 years — not the $750 million he claims. Also, the consensus plan already caps public worker pensions and provides for elimination of pension spiking.

Unlike Adachi’s unilateral attack on public workers’ retirement security, the consensus plan delivers fact-based equitable solutions that were collaboratively agreed upon by city workers and city officials.

Anna Roche, San Francisco

Do your job, get paid

It’s been a long time since I have read any news in The San Francisco Examiner that would gladden my heart. But on Wednesday, you really made my day.

I jumped for joy when I read that the State Controller John Chiang had stopped the pay of all California legislators, and they will not be paid again until they pass a balanced budget.

Regardless of what state Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg or Assemblyman Mike Gatto have to say, I think it was time to put the legislators in their place. For too long, they have been playing games with the lives of their constituents.

While their constituents suffered, these legislators were enjoying the benefits of receiving their salaries, and even going on vacations when they should have been working on a budget.

Walter E. Marston, San Francisco

Baseless attack on Nolan

A San Rafael letter writer on Tuesday made a baseless, fact-free attack on San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board Chairman Tom Nolan. As a car-free San Franciscan for more than 20 years, I can vouch for the increased reliability of Muni since Nolan assumed the chairmanship, overseeing ever-shrinking resources to satisfy ever-growing demand.

If the complaining writer desires Muni improvement, perhaps he could move to The City and contribute to the tax base that supports our public transit system that he finds so inadequate.

John D. Rosin, San Francisco

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