Actress, author to be honored at book launch 

Shelene Atanacio, the actress and author of the self-help book “Act from the Inside Out,” will be honored with a book launch and benefit party Tuesday from 6:30 to 10 p.m. at the Axis Café in Potrero Hill.

How did your experience in acting help you prepare for writing this book? The acting process many times acts as a mirror to your own self. You’re constantly given feedback from your director, acting teacher or even the character you are playing, and it usually involves elements of what you bring to the table — whether that is deemed positive or negative.

What are the most important messages to take from your book? We are all actors in our own life script, and with intention — the way actors approach the characters they play — we have the opportunity to create our life and the roles we play. Acting is about exploring, experimenting and being alive to life. Real life should be just as exciting.

Do you have any plans to act in the future, or do you want to focus now on writing? I definitely plan on acting as we speak. I found writing this book was a little too isolating for me. I enjoy it, but acting is definitely my first love. I’m finding with “Act From The Inside Out,” it is more important to me to share it in hopes it will help

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