Activists demand campaign contribution limits 5 years after Citizens United decision 

Hundreds of people gathered in downtown San Francisco Wednesday to mark the fifth anniversary of a U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on election campaigns.

Protesters from numerous organizations gathered on Market Street near the Montgomery station Wednesday afternoon carrying signs, singing songs and chanting in an effort to raise awareness about the Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission ruling and express their desire to see it overturned.

People marched with signs that read "corporations are not people" and "money is not speech."

According to Eddie Kurtz, the executive director of the California-based non-profit Courage Campaign, "We demand that Prop 49 be put

back on the ballot in 2016. California voters deserve the right to formally weigh in on the most vital political issue of our time."

Kurtz said Prop 49 would give California voters a chance to vote on a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United ruling.

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