About Obama's SuperPAC 

Conn Carroll blogged this morning about the first ad of the 2012 season to be run by Priorities USA Action, which Carroll rightly calls "Obama's SuperPAC."

That phrase needs to be explained a bit.

POTUS officially has no affiliation with Priorities USA, which as a "Super PAC" is allowed to collect unlimited corporate donations to attack or promote candidates, but legally may not coordinate with the Obama campaign or the DNC.

But it's hard to ignore the conclusion this is an arm of the Obama campaign and the White House. Priorities USA's spokesman is Bill Burton, former Obama campaign spokesman, and deputy White House press secretary.

Also working with Priorities USA is Sean Sweeney, who was the top aide to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

The group can spend money directly advocating the defeat or election of a candidate, but those donations must be disclosed.

With any less savory money that Obama's allies don't want publicly disclosed -- say George Soros donations or Big Pharma checks -- the group can run only less-direct ads, on issues. (Like, "Call President Obama and thank him for standing up to those evil corporate-funded Republicans who want to push Grandma off a cliff.")

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