A vote for Avalos would be like a vote for Daly 

So Supervisor John Avalos is running for mayor. The last thing San Francisco needs is Chris Daly’s former chief of staff in the Mayor’s Office. Avalos voted for the toy ban at McDonald’s, voted to protect illegal immigrant felons, opposed both Care Not Cash and the sit-lie ordinance, voted for every tax and fee increase that ever came up and is the leading sponsor of Board of Supervisors foreign policy resolutions.

Supervisor Avalos has proven himself again and again to be like former boss Chris Daly, who would be a disastrous mayor that put ideology ahead of common sense and the common good. No thanks.

E.F. Sullivan, San Francisco

Bike law a toll in disguise

The San Francisco Examiner’s April 20 story about a proposed speed limit for bicyclists on the Golden Gate Bridge failed to consider that an estimated 6,000 bicyclists cross the bridge each day. Given that in 10 years only 24 of 164 total accidents were attributed to excess speed, we seem to be proposing a new law for accidents that occur no more often than once every five months or so.

While those accidents should not be trivialized, it’s difficult not to suspect the proposed law is a stealthy attempt to enact a new toll levied only against the extremely small number of bicyclists that will be unlucky enough to receive $100 tickets. Also, many of those $100 tickets may be given to tourists from countries where bicycles are an integral part of the transportation landscape. Ticketing these riders might not be the best way to encourage international tourism.

Riley B. VanDyke, San Francisco

Campos’ reasoning is trash

As a proponent of capitalism and efficient markets, I applaud Supervisor David Campos for proposing that city garbage hauling services be open to competitive bidding. However, his reasoning is garbage.

In the April 10 San Francisco Examiner, Campos pushed the benefit of garbage-deal competition as a potential revenue increase for The City instead of better service or lower rates for those paying to have their garbage hauled away.

When will the supervisors learn that San Franciscans are better served if they are taxed less, so they can decide how to spend their own money? And city government needs to do more with less.

John Brunello, San Francisco

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