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Everything about Super Bowl week screams excess, so let’s try to jam in as many flippant lines about the world of sports as we can today:

» Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud and disgusted right now. Proud that two blacks are head coaches in the Super Bowl, disgusted that we’re still at the point where that’s big news.

» Norv Turner would be a fool not to take the Dallas Cowboys’ top gig if it’s offered. Jerry Jones is a freak, but he isn’t half as bad to work for as Daniel Snyder and Al Davis.

» Alex Smith will regress if Turner bolts. Think about it: Have you seen a single "wow" moment from Smith in two years? No. He’s a younger Trent Dilfer, no better or worse.

» Peyton Manning will get his ring Sunday, but if you’re among the myopic who think he needs it to validate his greatness, you might want to take a trip to Canton, Ohio, in 10 years or so. The Hall of Fame is what validates greatness, and even if Rex Grossman pulls a Dilfer on Sunday, Manning will be enshrined as soon as he’s eligible.

» Tiger Woods and Roger Federer are awesome, and we’re lucky to witness two all-time greats at the top of their games. But does anyone really care that they’re text-message buddies? Knock it off.

» LeBron James, the clock is ticking. If you want to go down as one of the all-time greats, you best separate yourself from the pack real soon. Right now, you’re just one of many exciting young NBA stars, only with more — albeit brilliant — commercials.

» Mike Dunleavy is not the biggest mistake in recent Warriors history. That would be Gilbert Arenas, the only man in the world who could make Washington’s ridiculous gold CYO unis look cool.

» Davis and John York are forgetting an even better cohabitation scenario: Wait for the A’s to clear out and share McAfee Coliseum. Even if each team put $50 million into upgrades, they’d be saving hundreds of millions more than starting from scratch.

» Bobby Crosby got heckled at the A’s FanFest for being injured. How the clown who did it got out of there without a beatdown is the first big mystery of the baseball season. OK, second. Sweeneygate was No. 1.

» Joe Thornton of the Sharks is the least-appreciated superstar in Bay Area sports history. He’s the best player in hockey, yet J.T. Snow is more popular in these parts. Is it really THAT hard to follow the puck on TV?

» And finally, Barry Zito deserves better than to be mocked for wanting to bond with Bonds. Admit it: You’d kiss some tail for a chance to nap in that pimped-out lounge chair, too.

Mychael Urban is the author of "Aces: The Last Season On The Mound With The Oakland A’s Big Three — Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder and Barry Zito" and a writer for MLB.com.

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