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click to enlarge Steve Kerr was impressive at his introductory news conference, but the ultimate test will be whether he can lead the Warriors to wins or not. - BEN MARGOT/AP
  • Ben Margot/AP
  • Steve Kerr was impressive at his introductory news conference, but the ultimate test will be whether he can lead the Warriors to wins or not.
Back in the days before every spaz of a kid got slapped with an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnosis so his or her parents could wash their hands of behavioral accountability, and before such a diagnosis was discovered to be the easiest way for big-league ballplayers to get around the ban on “greenies,” it took months of testing and me talking with a shrink for a doctor to determine I suffered from ADHD — or as I call it, Spaz Plus.

I was 17 at the time, and whaddya know? My GPA shot from 2.3 to 3.8 shortly after they got me on the meds. Not Adderall, by the way. Back then, they gave attention deficit disorder and ADHD patients straight dextroamphetamine — speed, basically. Adderall is only three-fourths dextroamphetamine. Pshaw. I needed the “uncut” stuff, because my brain’s chemistry is such that speed, in the right dose, actually slowed me down and sharpens my focus.

But who wants to be a speed freak for life? Besides Tom Arnold, I mean. Not me, so I stopped taking my meds after finishing up at University of San Francisco, where I may or may not have taken advantage of the fact that dextroamphetamine + procrastinating college kids with access to Daddy’s ATM card and a need to stay up all night cramming for finals = easy money. Statute of limitations, expired!

What? My point? Uh ... wanna see my bike? Hey, I have ADHD and I don’t take anything for it. Let’s just say that linear thinking is not a strength.

I use lists and a higher power to keep life relatively manageable nowadays, but I’m still very much a Spaz Plus, and what follows — every sports-related thought that crossed my mind during my 90-minute morning commute Wednesday — is proof.

I look for the A’s on TV now before I look for the Giants, unless either Tim is pitching for the Giants. That’s new. Why? The A’s are more interesting to me.

You don’t get three points for hitting a 3-pointer in CYO basketball until you’re in sixth or seventh grade. Shouldn’t you get, like, four or five points?

My friend John Lund of The Game (95.7 FM) often used the expression “win the press conference.” That’s what Steve Kerr did Tuesday. If we can’t use that expression, minus the “press” part, within three years, the Warriors screwed up hard on firing Mark Jackson.

Is the Sergio Romo joyride over? It would be if I’d hosted a sports-talk-radio show Wednesday. The negativity in that medium is insane.

Having been a very serious coach in the NBA for three years, Jackson must’ve wanted to slap himself when he dropped his first, “Mama, there goes that man” back on TV.

You know how Santiago Casilla used to be Jairo Garcia, whose identity he stole to get younger? Would it shock you if at some point we find out LeBron James’ real name is Ben Phillips, and he was 29 when “LeBron” was a rookie?

That would make Ben 39 right now, by the way. Scary that it’s still plausible, ain’t it?

Are the Sharks still in the playoffs?

Oakland’s perfect “Farewell Tour” gift for Bud Selig? Giant foam finger. Middle variety.

People who think Levi’s Stadium is going to be the hoity-toity football equivalent of AT&T Park are wrong. It’s going to be worse. Without the views. Gross.

I swear to Nolan Ryan: I had an awesome idea for the item that’s supposed to go right here, but my daughter just walked past my office, I noticed her out of the corner of my eye, turned back to the keyboard, and ... um ... wanna see my bike?

Mychael Urban, a longtime Bay Area-based sportswriter and broadcaster, is the host of “Inside the Bigs,” which airs every Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to noon on The Game (95.7 FM).

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