A fire-breathing future ahead in the Year of the Dragon 

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Welcome to 2012, the year of empowerment. Fasten your seatbelt — the days ahead are all about accelerated risk-taking and breaking through outmoded paradigms. Can you handle it? Of course! Just follow the guidance for your Sun sign and discover how to make the most of all the amazing opportunities ahead. It’s all in the timing, baby!


Did you find things going more slowly than you wanted last year? That can happen when the Rabbit is in charge. You can forget all that now, as this year is the time of your own sign, Dragon! Chances are you’ll love the pace and all the action. You’re going to have more than your share of high highs and low lows. Dashing and daring is fine, but you know you can’t sink every long shot. Don’t get carried away or overconfident ... but do have a good year. After all, you own it!

Your enterprising personality and sheer enthusiasm are perfect for the year ahead. Progress might start slowly, but you can expect major shifts over time.

Relationships: The year of the Rabbit is the perfect time to mend fences. By now, you should be on a path toward new — or renewed — love. There could be a big reason to celebrate this year since the Dragon loves weddings and parties!

Health: Amid all the fun and games, remember that your body is your temple. Don’t let the long hours of starting your business or socializing with new friends affect your sleep. Be sure to schedule periods of rest along with your weekly meal plans and exercise classes.

Wealth: What if being boring could bring you riches this year? You could reap the benefits of a lucky year by coming out very far ahead! Good fortune is predicted for you, but pushing the limits could send it crashing down into ruin. Be smart — it should pay off in the end.


Last year was probably more to your taste, but this one is more likely to result in greater success! Strike out in new directions. Be daring. Let yourself get swept up in the high-flying Dragon’s enthusiasm.

Career: You’re not a huge fan of change, but this year could bring it anyway.

Relationships: Whether you socialize more or not, breakthroughs are bound to happen.

Health: Give yourself every possible advantage by taking good care of your body.

Wealth: With so much happening this year, you’ll want to stop, think and strategize.


You’ve got ten favorable months to go out and do whatever it takes to bring yourself happiness. The Dragon’s fast pace can appeal to your tastes — don’t be afraid to go with it, but know when to put on the brakes.

Career: It’s time to take action. Being on top feels good, but don’t forget how you got there.

Relationships: The Dragon loves reasons to celebrate, like wedding bells or new romance.

Health: A lot will be required of you this year, so make fitness one of your top priorities.

Wealth: The name of the game is restraint, even if it’s a word not native to your species.


The Dragon’s going to stir up a lot of action for you this year, making your life more hectic than it was last year. Go with the people with whom you feel most comfortable, and stay away from risk-taking.

Career: The Dragon is famous for sweeping changes, so be mindful of what’s happening.

Relationships: It’s a good year to follow your heart. Lean on family and friends for advice.

Health: Find positive ways to release stress and clear your mind.

Wealth: New projects might generate income, but be careful about changing too quickly.


The spotlight and all the success that comes with it are yours for the taking. You can make good things happen in almost every area of your life. Live on the edge ... but be careful about leaning too far over it.

Career: Big leaps will only turn into successes if you take the first step.

Relationships: Expect to move full-speed ahead while preparing for a big shift.

Health: Outdoor adventures will keep your spirits up and your body strong.

Wealth: A little caution can go a long way. It might be better to wait to see what appears.


You’re looking at a year of opportunities and challenges, and it’s up to you to be smart about it. The coming year will be much better than the last one. Focus on education, networking, communication and travel.

Career: Be alert for opportunities and make it your mission to network with the right people.

Relationships: Demands on your time will threaten romance, so keep the embers burning.

Health: Release stress with hard workouts, and don’t let your diet suffer during rough spots.

Wealth: Be more resourceful than ever as you use your practical tendencies to stay afloat.


You’ll increase your chances of success if you simply go with the flow. A conservative approach is likely to be your smartest move this year, so hold off on risk-taking, exploring new areas or making major commitments.

Career: Rise to challenging tasks this year, and you’ll be in great position to start 2013.

Relationships: You’ll find out who your true friends are, and whether love will last.

Health: Give your head space to be clear, as this will help you make better decisions.

Wealth: While you may not get ahead this year, you can certainly make wise decisions.


You’re likely to be in the center of a lot of action. You might find the pace to be a bit much at times, but if you go with it, you’ll score some major successes. It’s a good time to take risks.

Career: Your career will pick up, but you will have to take initiative to make it happen.

Relationships: Be honest about what you need and you may get it.

Health: Keep up the great work. It might be a good year to push yourself even further.

Wealth: Keep budgeting and putting away money for necessary purchases this year.


This could be one of your best years. Know you can walk away from the table a winner — and this year, that applies to just about every area of your life. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Career: Your enterprising tendencies are favored, so be an innovator.

Relationships: Now is the time for action. Dive in head-first and give boredom the boot.

Health: Be careful about trying to prove something at the expense of your well-being.

Wealth: Probably no other sign will fare as well as you will with money.


Be conservative, as the tried-and-true path is the right one for you this year. Above all, pick your spots. Begin new projects and do important things during the most favorable times, even if you have to wait a bit.

Career: Upheaval could throw you for a loop. Be willing to adjust and compromise.

Relationships: You’ll feel more outgoing and able to forge bonds with new people.

Health: The Dragon loves power, passion and motion. Team sports might be a good option.

Wealth: You may not see a huge spike in your salary, but fiscal conservatism should pay off.


Luck is with you! As long as you don’t get carried away by every wild scheme the Dragon cooks up, you should do well. This is a year during which you’ll want to be active. Make a commitment. Begin new projects. Be bold.

Career: It’s time to be a leader, but don’t overpower everyone or assume you know best.

Relationships: Changes are likely, but what those look like exactly will be personal to you.

Health: It’s a good time to consider what you want to change to develop more positive habits.

Wealth: Don’t be lax about whom you trust or where you put your money.


This year could be a bit more challenging for you than the last one, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do what you want and go where you like — and be successful while you’re at it.

Career: Don’t implement any big ideas or career moves yet. Persistence should pay off.

Relationships: Be cautious about professing your love right away. Try to enjoy the ride!

Health: Make time for quiet introspection and ensure your home is a place of refuge.

Wealth: Avoid the Dragon’s influence for big risks and impulsive purchases.


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