A fall Ryan run? 

Yesterday on Fox News, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan told Bret Baier he is trying to follow up with former-President Bil Clinton's offer to talk about Medicare reform. But maybe that will not be all they talk about. Later in the interview, Baier put Ryan through the obligatory 2012 pestering:

BAIER: Are you considering getting into that race?

RYAN: I'm really not.

BAIER: At all?

RYAN: Look...

BAIER: I know its qualifying, but are you considering it? There are a lot of people talking about it.

RYAN: I know I get this quite a bit. I really believe I can do more for this cause where I am right now as chairman of the house budget committee. I have no plans to do this. It takes an enormous undertaking to do this. And right now where I am at this moment in the budget fight we are in I just feel like I need to focus on this budget fight we are in in this moment. This summer we are going to be spending a lot of time in budget fights and to me, that's where I can make the biggest contribution to the debate right now.

As Bill Kristol points out, this leaves open the possibility that Ryan might reconsider his 'no' after this summer's budget fight is over. Could Ryan wait till this fall and still run an effective White House race? He should ask Clinton, who didn't announce his campaign until October 1991.

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