A Blue Dog speaks: Time for higher taxes 

Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., illustrates in this brief clip why the label "fiscal conservative" is misleading as applied to Democrats, such as many of those in the Blue Dog coalition of which she is a member:

Ignore, for a moment, the bit about defense spending. This is a statement of Democratic "fiscal conservatism" that needs to be clarified. Blue Dogs do not necessarily share real conservatives' fears that Americans are overtaxed to pay for excessive and wasteful government. Their concern is about making the budget numbers add up. There isn't enough revenue to pay for all of the spending they want to do. One solution is to cut spending, and another, equally good solution is to raise taxes.

This explains why most Blue Dogs voted for big-spending items like Obamacare (which at least purports to reduce the deficit) and even the stimulus package. "Fiscal conservatives'" commitment on fiscal issues just isn't akin to that of "conservative conservatives."

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