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  • Meeting will focus on crime in Southern District

    Crime in the Southern District – from ballgames at AT&T Park to SOMA nightclubs to the Embarcadero and Yerba Buena and Treasure Islands – will be up for discussion at Wednesday’s Police Commission meeting on Treasure Island.

    Captain Daniel McDonough will brief commissioners and the community about police strategies and crime trends in the area.

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  • Other News
  • Cracking the leash on unruly dogs

    Dogs biting at horses and hang gliders may force canines back on leashes at the popular Fort Funston recreation area.

    Owners have been allowed to legally walk their dogs off leash though most of Fort Funston — the 141-acre park in the southwest corner of The City — for decades.

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  • Other News
  • Leaky Bay Bridge water main repaired

    San Francisco Public Utilities Commission crews Monday afternoon repaired a 10-inch water main on the Bay Bridge that had been leaking water onto the lower deck since morning.

    SFPUC spokesman Tony Winnicker said at about 1:30 p.m. that crews had repaired two leaky pipe fittings on the main, which runs beneath the upper deck of the bridge between San Francisco and Treasure Island.

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  • Other News
  • A windy day to promote city windpower

    Windy weather was exactly what city officials hoped for today for Mayor Gavin Newsom, who announced at a press conference in front of Civic Center plaza that The City will soon be peppered with small wind turbines that can generate electricity.

    Last year, Newsom and then-Supervisor Tom Ammiano created a task force to discover how to make wind power in The City worthwhile.

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  • Dance
  • Taking dance to the edge

    To someone of lesser mettle than dancer Sara Shelton Mann, broken bones and ripped tendons might have sent them into retirement long ago. But for Mann, they only served to drive her deeper into her creative well. And she’s garnered an impressive number of accolades along the way, including four Isadora Duncan awards and a Guggenheim fellowship.

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  • Guest Columns
  • Is tort reform the answer?

    Tort reform is not addressed in any of the Democrat-sponsored health care reform bills now before Congress. Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean says it’s “too tough” to take on tort reform at the same time as health care due to the powerful lawyers lobby.

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Nation & World

  • Nation
  • Obama defends Olympic trip to Denmark

    The White House defended President Obama’s trip to Denmark this week to promote Chicago’s bid for the Olympic Games, saying health care reform is in good enough shape for him to miss a couple of days.

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  • Nation
  • GOP turning up the heat on Obama for Afghan decision

    Congressional Republicans are stepping up pressure on the White House to make a decision about whether send more troops to fight the war in Afghanistan. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., called on President Obama, who is reviewing the strategy in Afghanistan, to make up his mind about the matter.

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  • Nation
  • Second public option amendment defeated on more narrow vote

    The Senate Finance Committee has rejected a second attempt to insert a public option into a sweeping health care reform bill the panel is drafting.

    The 10-13 vote was on a provision sponsored by Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., which would have created a public health insurance option that allowed doctors to negotiate reimbursement rates.

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