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    Sep 23, 2009
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  • Police try to calm neighbors' fears

    It was clear at Capt. Steve Tacchini’s community meeting in the Mission District Tuesday night that neighbors are on edge after the weekend’s two shootings left three men dead and two seriously injured.

    The hastily called meeting was overflowing: at least 60 people sat in the stuffy room, while dozens more stood or spilled out the doorway, straining to hear.

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  • Other News
  • More movement on mayor’s staff

    More changes are coming to Mayor Gavin Newsom’s staff.

    Catherine Dodd plans to leave her post as the mayor’s deputy chief of staff overseeing health and human services, the Mayor’s Office said.

    Beginning Oct. 5, Dodd will become interim director of The City’s Health Service System, filling the post following the resignation of Bart Duncan.

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  • Good Sunday Sept. 27, 2009

    Something to Read
    You Are One-Third Daffodil
    Compiled by Tom Nuttall ($10.99)
    This book by the editor of Prospect magazine is filled with unknown but must-read facts. Did you know that Isaac Newton invented the cat door? Or that spammers typically need to send 1 million e-mails to get 15 positive responses?

    Game of the Day

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Nation & World

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  • D.C. Councilman Graham's chief of staff arrested on bribery charges

    The top aide to Councilman Jim Graham was arrested Thursday morning, charged with pocketing bribes to help steer taxi cab legislation through his boss’ office.

    Ted Loza, Graham's chief of staff, was scheduled to appear in federal court hours later, charged with two counts of bribery. He was arrested early Thursday and his city hall office raided by federal agents.

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