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  • Spending-addicted US may have to hit bottom

    Imagine two alcoholics sitting on a bench. Bill complains that he’s out of booze and has no cash to buy any more. “Hey, no problem, friend, I’ve got a fifth of Old Crow here,” Jack says. “That’s great because, man, I need it right now,” Bill pleads. “There’s just one thing. We’ve both got to do something about our serious drinking problem and I’m going to help us lick it,” Jack responds. “Oh, and how do you propose to do that?” Bill demands, as his shaky hand reaches for the booze. “I’ll share this bottle with you now, but we have to promise we’ll cut back our drinking, starting tomorrow,” Jack explains. “Sure, anything you say, Jack. First thing tomorrow morning. Now gimme that bottle,” Bill shouts. Addiction experts know the end of that story too well — Jack and Bill go on drinking. They’re feeding their addiction today and promising to deal with it tomorrow.

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