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  • NCAA tourney selection shoddy, but it’s no BCS

    I almost fell out of my Mad Hatter’s chair when I heard Randy Bennett say that he wished the selection committee used more of a BCS-like formula in choosing the field for the NCAA Tournament. Sure, the St. Mary’s men’s basketball coach is upset his Gaels (25-8) were overlooked. But, it’s just as obvious that Bennett hasn’t closely followed the Bowl Championship Series fiascoes where controversy regularly trumps logic and undefeated football teams often fail to get to play for a national championship.

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  • Theater
  • ‘As Always’ an ambiguous musical night

    Composer-singer Peter W. Tucker dedicates his new musical, “As Always,” to a San Francisco Parks Trust program called Music in Parks, which is the modern counterpart to a city-sponsored youth theater program he attended decades ago, a pursuit that sparked his lifelong interest in the arts.

    Now he comes full circle, performing with vibrant singers Jessica Fisher and Nephi Speer, pianist Frederick Harris and cellists Cornelia Leuthold and Severin Suter in this modest-scale, 85-minute show featuring melodic original songs.

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  • Editorials
  • Democrats try to rope-a-dope Republicans

    Among Muhammad Ali’s many formidable weapons in the ring was his famous “rope-a-dope” in which he went into a defensive crouch and allowed his opponent to throw punch after punch, round after round. Sooner or later, the opponent would tire or make a mistake, and Ali would pounce — often landing a knockout punch.

    That’s the strategy President Barack Obama and his congressional Democratic allies are using against House Speaker John Boehner and the Republican majority in the lower chamber. For his part, Obama passively professes his desire “to work with Republicans on responsible spending cuts.” That prompts Republicans to produce multiple compromise proposals in hopes of finding one Obama will support, even as they wear themselves out promising not to shut down the government as they did in 1995.

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