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  • BCS more meaningless than ever as smaller schools thrive

    God bless Texas Christian University senior wide receiver Jeremy Kerley for his attitude. “Anybody would like a shot at the national championship,” Kerley said after TCU’s 21-19 Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin. “But you got to take what they give you. This is a great way to go out. Couldn’t ask for more.” We’re sorry, Jeremy, but we can, and will, ask for more.

    We are asking for something we will never receive, but that’s not going to stop us from asking. We want the Associated Press pollsters to do the right thing on Jan. 11 and declare TCU the No. 1 team in the country.

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  • New House rules inspire (cautious) optimism

    The same day they elect Rep. John Boehner of Ohio as speaker, members of the 112th House of Representatives must approve the rules under which they will operate. The package submitted by the new Republican majority provides a glimmer of hope that perhaps they may yet "get it" about why their party did so well in the 2010 congressional election. The rules package -- H.Res.
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  • Bankruptcy filings on the rise

    Dim Bulb: The number of Americans filing for bankruptcy in 2010 increased 9 percent from the previous year to more than 1.53 million, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute and the National Bankruptcy Research Center. The 2010 figure far outpaces the 1.41 million total consumer filings that were recorded during 2009, a difference the American Bankruptcy Institute attributes to high debt and a stagnant economy. December was a particularly bad month for consumers, with 118,146 total filings, an increase of 3 percent from November’s level.

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