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    Dec 26, 2010
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  • Crime & Courts
  • Unsolved crimes that shocked SF in 2010

    Killings in tourist hotspots, at packed nightclubs and at a gay-pride street party were some of the tragic headlines from 2010, a year in which, as of Dec. 18, 48 people were murdered in The City. Although most of these homicides are unrelated, many of them share one similar trait: They remain unsolved.

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  • Dance
  • Promising classical and dance

    Hundreds of symphony, opera, chamber music and dance performances are slated for the first half of 2011. To narrow the focus, here’s a look at some notable upcoming presentations offered not by The City’s big, long-established groups, but by small- and medium-sized organizations.

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Nation & World

  • Nation
  • Farewell to the Congress of corporate interests

    This past term of Congress let the drug industry write much of a health care overhaul, extended of ethanol subsidies, passed the Marlboro Monopoly Act, crafted a subsidy-laden stimulus bill, gave us Cash-for-Clunkers and Cash-for-Caulkers, tried to pass a corporate-backed climate bill, and created a Wall Street "reform" that formalizes bailouts.

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