49ers are going to the Super Bowl 

? Niners going to the Super Bowl

New Orleans ready to welcome 49ers

As a volunteer who will be working Super Bowl XLVII, let me be the first local to say congratulations to the 49ers.
We are excited that you will be coming to New Orleans, and we intend to make your visit to our beautiful city a very memorable one.

When you arrive, we will show you the finer points of our Southern hospitality. Everything from our fine eating establishments and our great music to our treasured city locales are yours to enjoy. We look forward to meeting you.

Michael Bowen
New Orleans

Thanks for felling Falcons

A hearty congratulations from a longtime Saints fan to the 49ers and a very warm welcome to New Orleans for this year’s Super Bowl.  

This entire region thanks you for taking down the Atlanta Falcons (Dirty Birds) and showing the nation that you earned and deserve to play in this Super Bowl game!  

Thanks again, and welcome to New Orleans!

Joan Blythe
Kenner, La.

?  “Ross Mirkarimi and wife sued for defamation by couple behind domestic violence charges,” Local News, Sunday

Suit will distract sheriff

What a disappointment it is that the neighbors of Ross Mirkarimi and Eliana Lopez have filed a lawsuit against them.

This can only serve to disrupt the flow of accomplishments in the Sheriff’s Department. Once Mirkarimi was reinstated, he hit the ground running with a massive in-jail voter registration drive, the first toy drive and the first newsletter.

Now he will have the distraction of the lawsuit. No matter how dedicated he is, there are only so many hours in the day. None of those hours should have to be spent in attorneys’ offices or courtrooms.

The sheriff and his wife are entitled to use their time productively, both professionally and as parents.

This lawsuit does a disservice to the community.

Vivian Imperiale
San Francisco

?  “Condo conversion advocates lobbying for aid to owners of tenancy-in-common units,” Local News, Friday

Condo plan good for S.F.

In response to your story about rules for converting condominiums:  I am tired of the San Francisco Tenants Union trotting out the same old lies that allowing some homeowners to covert their tenancy-in-common buildings to condos will lead to evictions.

The union knows very well that there are strong protections against evictions in the proposed legislation and that under the Ellis Act, condo conversions are not allowed to follow a tenant eviction.

The proposed legislation would allow 2,000 owners of TIC units to convert their homes into condos and start to enjoy what many members of the Board of Supervisors already enjoy — homes of their own.

These 2,000 units represent less then 1 percent of The City’s housing stock, but they represent the dreams of many working-class San Franciscans to own a home in San Francisco.

Let’s get this done.

E.F. Sullivan
San Francisco

? “Around the state,” Local News, Friday

Rail funds going nowhere

Just when the governor has reported a balanced budget for the present fiscal year, all done by the new taxes, along comes the team-up with Amtrak to research buying similar high-speed trains for their respective rail systems.

With the actual present fiscal budget some $90 billion short due to reduced taxes received, it soon will be time for Gov. Jerry Brown to return to the water trough for increased taxes for his high-speed rail system monument.

Frank Norton
San Francisco

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