3-Minute Interview: Joe Thornton 

The superstar center was one of eight Sharks players invited to participate in next month’s Winter Olympics. Thornton and three others will play for Canada.

Has there been much banter in the locker room about whose team will win Olympic gold? Nothing at all, so far. Maybe when it gets closer.

Do you think playing in the Olympics will feel any different than playing an NHL game? Yeah, it feels different, because, No. 1, it’s going to be in Vancouver — in Canada — and we’re going to be the home team, and everybody’s been talking about this for four years. It’s a really big deal for Canadians.

Do you think it’ll help the Canadian team out that you’ll have four guys from the Sharks playing together, who already have some team chemistry? Maybe. Hopefully there will be an advantage. We’ll all have played together a lot before and we’ll all know each other’s tendencies. It could help us out.

Is it good for the Sharks’ reputation that there are so many players going to the Olympics? Yeah, I think it’s good for the Sharks to have so many guys going.

Do you think you’ll go easier on Sharks who are on other Olympic teams? No. It’s hockey. You go out and play hard, no matter what. I don’t think there’s any less on the line in the Olympics than there is any other time.

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