2001: A State Odyssey for federal programs 

Another milestone in the growth of the Washington Leviathan is pointed out by the Cato Institute's Chris Edwards, whose assistant, Amy Mandler, noted that the two latest Obama administration additions to the roll of federal program brought the total to 2,001.

"There is a federal subsidy program for every year that has passed since Emperor Augustus held sway in Rome. We’ve gone from bread and circuses to food stamps, the National Endowment for the Arts, and 1,999 other hand-out programs from the imperial city on the Potomac," Edwards said.

For those on the Left who keep repeating the myth that the Defense Department is biggest part of the federal government, check out the chart below from Edwards and note which department tops the list and which one is near the bottom.


To read the rest of the Edwards post, go here. Don't miss the chart showing the number of federal subsidy programs by department and agency, too.

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