101 carpool lane would give SamTrans a boost 

Thursday’s story on the possibility of “converting one of Highway 101’s four lanes to a carpool lane in San Mateo County” reported an idea supported by the Sierra Club — though we hope it would be one lane in each direction.

SamTrans’ KX express bus travels on 101 from Hillsdale Boulevard to the airport and into San Francisco. Providing a carpool lane would make it far more attractive to commuters and airport travelers, as would SamTrans’ other express buses using the freeway.

The Sierra Club is also considering support of allowing solo drivers to use the carpool lane for a variable, traffic-based fee, with revenue going to transit in the 101 corridor. It would ease traffic in the “free lanes,” enabling motorists to get to their destinations quicker and getting even more motorists off the road.

Irvin Dawid
Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter
Palo Alto

‘Geronimo’ a compliment

A Sunday San Francisco Examiner letter claimed that choosing “Geronimo” as the code name for Osama bin Laden is “insensitive to the history of the American Indian people.” This raid was a great thing, so why is the use of Geronimo’s name insulting to some of our fellow Americans? Shouldn’t we consider it a compliment?

Also, one of the main reasons that Geronimo is so well-known by many Americans is that our heroic World War II Airborne troops yelled “Geronimo” as they jumped out of rickety airplanes to attack those earlier mass murderers, the Nazis.

So that letter writer’s hypersensitivity is totally misplaced.

Cary Fulbright
San Francisco

Meditation a helpful idea

Thank you for the Sunday story Meditation program mends troubled Visitacion Valley Middle School.” As a retired public school teacher, I was fascinated to read that meditation reduced violence and suspensions and increased attendance and test scores in middle school. During the 22 years I taught middle school, stressed-out students, parents and teachers were the norm. I sure wish I had this program at my school when I was teaching — it would have changed many lives for the better.

Sharyn Loshakoff

Killing bin Laden was best

Capturing Osama bin Laden alive would have been a costly mistake that led to a prolonged imprisonment and trial. Meanwhile, Islamic terrorists would have had ample motivation to take hostages, hijack airplanes, unleash suicide bombers into civilian populations and wreak bloody violence worldwide in an effort to release him.

If bin Laden were imprisoned, there is no doubt the world would be held hostage. Killing him was on a par with putting down a mad dog with a deadly contagious disease. Better a dead dog than innocent victims.

Jeff Corinio
San Francisco

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