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Christopher Taylor is an author and illustrator from Oregon, the owner of Word Around the Net where he has been blogging for four years. He is a freelance contributor for the Examiner Opinion Zone blog. Christopher also is the owner of Kestrel Arts, a small games and entertainment company.

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  • When justice peeks

      When Justice is depicted in art, it typically takes the shape of a lady holding scales and a sword to represent the balance of evidence and the power of the state over criminals. Her eyes are blindfolded to represent her inability to see the people involved, only hear and understand the case.

  • Party of the rich

      In a column a few days ago in the Washington Examiner, Timothy Carney points out that while the Democrats as "party of the little guy" myth has dragged its self a few more years along, and the idea of the GOP as the party of the rich persists, neither is really true.

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