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Mayor Lee asked to help Supervisor Avalos land a tech job

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San Francisco’s voter-backed question time between the Board of Supervisors and the mayor promised some spirited debate. But rigid rules took all the fun out of it.

However, that hasn't stopped some supervisors from trying to breathe some life into the scripted and generally dull affairs

On Tuesday, Supervisor David Campos will ask Mayor Ed Lee to help termed-out Supervisor John Avalos land employment in the burgeoning technology industry.

“Very soon, he will be an unemployed former Supervisor over the age of fifty with no transferable skills whatsoever. Since you have such great relationships with our City’s burgeoning technology sector could you help Supervisor Avalos get a job?” Campos’ question says. (see full question below.) One possibility Campos suggests is a greeter at Twitter

Campos said his tongue-in-cheek question was intended to serve as a “roast” for Avalos who is tuning 50 on Tuesday, but at the same time he acknowledged it was a humorous way of raising important issues facing a number of San Francisco residents

Campos is running for state Assembly against Board President David Chiu. His campaign highlights the “Tale of two Cities.”  

When asked about Campos’ question today, Avalos quipped: “While I appreciate Supervisor Campos’ concern for my future, rather than ask for a job with Twitter, I’d rather open up a taco stand on Mission Street in the Excelsior and sell a tweety bird taco special.”

Avalos also suggested another possibility. “Maybe the mayor will finally get behind CleanPowerSF and get me a job installing photovoltaic cells somewhere in The City.” 

Campos' full question as submitted for question time:

3. As you know, Supervisor Avalos is in his second term. Very soon, he will be an
unemployed former Supervisor over the age of fifty with no transferable skills whatsoever.
Since you have such great relationships with our City’s burgeoning technology sector ,
could you help Supervisor Avalos get a job?
Clearly, being a San Francisco Supervisor doesn’t prepare anyone for the real world and
Supervisor Avalos’ advanced age is an additional handicap in the modern job market .
Supervisor Avalos still asks lobbyists to make dittos instead of photocopy documents. He
has no idea what Zynga means. He thinks Zynga is what Tom Ammiano calls a witty
insult. He uses a flip phone. A flip phone.
So please use your considerable clout to help Supervisor Avalos get a job lined up for after
he leaves office that can make use of his limited skills but generally affable temperament. Maybe as a greeter at Twitter HQ. Does Twitter have greeters? (Supervisor Campos,
District 9)

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